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Ontario Offers $100M for Upgrading Gas Furnaces, Water Heaters

Well a bit unclear on the details – ok there are no details.  But the Government of Ontario is about to make funds available to households with a goal to reduce reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create jobs. Let’s stay tuned for start date, eligibility rules, and rebate amounts. 74 total views, 6 views today

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Adding a Powder Room

Newer homes typically have a powder room.  Older homes often only have a main bath on the second floor.  Some buyers are not put off by the lack of a powder room but some are.  Sometimes it’s possible to find the space for a powder room somewhere on the ground floor. This post with ideas […]

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Parliament Hill Fire – 100 Years ago Today

A moment to honour the lives and the stories that ended one hundred years ago with one of the worst fires this city has had.  A moment also to remember two individuals, one unsung, one more popularly remembered: first the librarian Alpheus Todd who insisted that steel doors be installed and Connie MacCormac who 100 years ago ordered […]

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Farmhouse Renovation with Before & After Pics

These are great before and after pics of a farm house renovation.  I once renovated a house that had a similar look.  During the before phase a couple of friends came to visit and some could absolutely not see it “I can’t see it but if you can good – I’ll come back when it’s […]

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Fully Transparent Solar Cell

A Michigan State University research team led by Professor Richard Lunt has developed a transparent solar cell capable of capturing ultraviolet and infrared light which is then led to solar cells and converted to electricity.  This can be part of new construction or retrofitted to existing construction. Imagine the possibilities! Click the image for a snapshot view. […]

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