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Neighbourhoods in Ottawa


The Neighbourhood of Vanier Proximity to downtown! A multicultural lively neighbourhood: The French Quarter. 40% francophones and 60% Anglophones. Convenience: Enjoy the Rideau River and the Riverain Park with it’s seemingly endless bicycle path which leads you to Vincent Massey Park, Hog’s Back Park, and Mooney’s Bay Park. Access to Queensway. Bordered by Montreal Road, […]

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The Glebe

Central Park – The Glebe – Ottawa  The Glebe is a neighbourhood in Ottawa.  Bordered to the north by downtown, to east and the south by the Rideau Canal and to the west by Bronson Avenue.  The heart of the Glebe is Bank Street.   Bank street with it’s almost countless restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques oh and several pubs.  So […]

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Sandy Hill

Sandy Hill – Ottawa Sandy Hill (French: Côte-de-Sable) is a neighbourhood in Ottawa, Ontario, located just east of downtown. The neighbourhood is bordered on the west by the Rideau Canal and on the east by the Rideau River. To the north it stretches to Rideau Street and the Byward Market area while to the south […]

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Ottawa East

Old Ottawa East or Ottawa East is a neighbourhood of Ottawa, Canada. It is bordered by the Rideau Canal on the west and the Rideau River on the east.  Nort is Sandy Hill south is Ottawa South. The parks include Brantwood Park and Windsor Park. Old Ottawa East is along the longest ice rink in the world […]

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New Edinburgh

New Edinburgh is a small neighbourhood in Ottawa, Canada. It is located to the east of the downtown core. It is bordered on the west by the Rideau River, to the north by the Ottawa River, to the south by Beechwood Avenue, to the east the border is less regular but is marked in part […]

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Mooney’s Bay

Mooney’s Bay Park is a public park in Ottawa, Canada on the Rideau River. Its main entrance is on Riverside Drive, opposite Ridgewood Avenue, but can also be accessed from Hog’s Back Road. It has a beach, picnic areas, a children’s playground and is the site of the Terry Fox Stadium. Located at 2960 Riverside […]

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From the Blog

A Lawn Robot

A Roomba for your lawn – suddenly this makes me think of a post from a few weeks ago. Well that being said, no one likes mowing the lawn. It’s a thankless job for the moment it’s done and looks great it starts to grown again and must be redone. I grew up on a […]

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The Dutch Reach

As spring proceeds with uncertain certainty more and more cyclists will take to the road. Cyclists and cars as we know can be a dangerous mix. The city does much to increase the cyclists security but there is something you can do improve the cyclists security. The Dutch Reach. The dutch reach consists of opening […]

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Premier Wynne Announces changes to Real Estate

This morning Premier Wynne announced some changes to the Ontario Real Estate. These changes are primarily, but not exclusively, directed towards Toronto. Also some changes for renters and some proposed changes to representation. Read more at CBC or in the Globe and Mail. 39 total views, 1 views today

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Closet Spring Cleaning
with Martha Stewart

Martha says its time to do the spring cleaning in your closets. Are you going to argue with Martha? You know she’s right; save your energy for the task needing doing. You have to move your winter clothes off to the cedar closet (should you be so lucky) or to the rubbermaid bucket if you […]

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I.M. Pei

Todays architect: Ieoh Ming Pei. Known as I.M. Pei. Born in China he set up his practice in Chicago: a great American city for architecture. He just seems like a delightful man. Must be the round glasses! Of late he is most known for the glass pyramid at the Louvre. Thought initially controversial it provides […]

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Ikea – Tradfri – Smart Home Products

A couple of months ago I featured a new smart light system by Philips. Today lets turn our attention to Ikea. Ikea has indeed created a smart light system called Tradfri. It’s quite involved, the system consists of bulbs, LED panels, and cabinet doors even which can be controlled by remote or by movement. Not […]

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House Colours Accoding to Your Zodiac Sign

Who knew you could decorate around your zodiac sign! Very nice if your single but what about a couple. Perhaps you get this room and I’ll get that one. 55 total views, 1 views today

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Our Warmest Greetings!

Molly & I send you our warmest Easter greetings to you and your family. 56 total views, 1 views today

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Angelina Jolie Buys:
2000 DeMille Drive

Angelina Jolie does well with Real Estate! She has just entered escrow for 2000 DeMille Drive in the Los Felix area of Los Angeles, just south of Griffith Observatory (perhaps the observatory forms part of the city view). The house was formerly owned by Cecil B DeMille. I was designed in the Beaux Arts Style. […]

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