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It’s interesting (or disturbing) how microbeads are suddenly making more headlines this week.  And yet here a link to a webpage from Environment Canada dated 2015. I saw a post yesterday on plastic eating mushrooms, perhaps between us, and the oceans should be a filtration system with these mushrooms.  Our ways are not always the […]

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Ikea Storage – Entryway

Ikea is really great for storage.  I use all over my flat mostly bookcases what can be so functional.  Some of their desks are great too.  But in this instance its storage at the entrance – and I do believe they excel at that. 28 total views, 1 views today

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Ontario to Regulate Home Inspectors

This is a great endeavor. As realtors we are held to a code of ethics and if we deviate trouble ensues. Over time we have encountered every type of inspector. Some of great: love those! Keep them on speed dial. And some are quite horrifying – using unique untested tools and creating fear in the […]

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Virtual Tour – 79 Huron Avenue

Enjoy this virtual tour of 79 Huron Avenue! But then call the Molly & Claude Team to set up an actual visit! 133 total views, 2 views today

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Refreshing Your Home Decor

Sometimes all you need is a bit of finetuning, rearanging, and tweeking to have a cleaner fresher look and feel. Read more of what Nate Berkus has to say. 66 total views, no views today

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