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Bank of Canada – Interest Rate

The Bank of Canada has reduced its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points, bringing it down to 4.75%. This decision marks the first rate cut by the central bank in recent years and is aimed at addressing economic conditions that have shown signs of improvement, such as easing inflation and a stronger-than-expected economic performance. […]

Architecture – Cathedrals & Great Churches – Part 4

Basilica of Santa Sabine Rome Cathedrals and great churches are magnificent architectural feats that reflect the artistic, cultural, and religious values of their times. Here’s an overview of the architectural styles from Early Christian to Gothic: Early Christian Architecture (circa 4th-6th centuries) Characteristics: Simple and utilitarian design. Basilicas with a longitudinal plan, featuring a nave, […]

Small Commercial Buildings

In the middle of the pandemic lockdown I remember thinking what will the world be post pandemic. Well for one, work at home has means that the downtown core is suffering. A local architect Houry Avedissian, owner of Ha² Architecture & Design has some ideas for smaller commercial buildings Houry Avedissian is an accomplished architect […]

Curbside Garbage Change of Limit Ottawa

The City of Ottawa will reduce the number of curbside garbage items allowed per collection to three, starting September 30, 2024. This policy change aims to reduce unnecessary waste going to the landfill, increase participation in recycling and Green Bin programs, and ultimately extend the life of the Trail Waste Facility landfill, which could reach […]

What to do this weekend?

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend you will have many options. Top of the list are the Chinatown Night Market, a vegan food festival, and Doors Open Ottawa. Picture above is of my painting of the Night Market “Chinatown Lights Up” by An Nguyen. I love having a painting of the Chinatown […]

Doors Open Ottawa – June 1 and 2, 2024

It’s Doors Open this week-end. A great way to step inside buildings that are normally closed to the public. And others you might not have thought of. Go out! Explore. The City of Ottawa has a great Doors Open event information page. Additional information can be found on Ottawa Tourism.